5 Scariest Things New Homeowners have Found After Moving In

5 Scariest Things New Homeowners have Found After Moving In

Frights that homeowners found could be fixed by a home warranty

As Halloween approaches, you may start thinking of dark, moonlit nights and scary stories told around the glow of a campfire. They always start out in relatively the same way: a family moves into a new house, frightening things start happening, and they find out something terrible happened in the home before they bought it. Although it might be fun to spin some yarns about the idea of a haunted house, nobody actually wants to move into a place that gives you the heebie jeebies. Although it isn’t common, it does happen! Just in time for Halloween, here are the five scariest things homeowners have found in their homes, brought to you by Landmark Home Warranty:

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Believe it or not, in Rexburg, Idaho, a family moved into a home for what they thought was a steal, but it turned out to be a house of horrors. The Sessions said the home smelled musty and the water tasted fowl. After they started seeing and hearing snakes everywhere, they moved from the home. It turns out the home was built on top of a garter snake nest, where hundreds of the reptiles lived, and multiplied. The only way the snakes could escape is by going up and through the walls of the home.

This should make homebuyers extra sure to complete their due-diligence. The Sessions had to declare bankruptcy on their mortgage because their home insurance wouldn’t cover for a snake infestation. Although home warranty plans sometimes cover for pest control, most can’t take care of a snake infestation. Biologist said no matter what kind of pest control the Sessions completed, the home would need to be rid of snakes for 15 years before they could be sure the snakes wouldn’t return. Snakes release pheromones, and travel back to their nests by following those scents. Thus, if a home warranty plan covered for snakes, it probably wouldn’t have helped this family much!


In 2012, the Trosts left their home after thousands of dollars and years of pest control treatments didn’t make a dent in the thousands of spiders crawling through their home. One estimate said the home contained up to 6,000 brown recluse spiders. The house soon went into foreclosure after the Trost’s left, and in 2014, large tents were draped over the home and sulfuryl fluoride gas was pumped into the home.

Their insurance company, State Farm, denied their claim, saying the home insurance company doesn’t cover for insects. Certain home warranty plans do cover for spider pest control for only $60, although in this situation, it doesn’t seem like pest control helped! If you have a minor infestation of spiders and a home warranty, give your company a call to see if your home warranty plan covers for pest control.


In 2015, New Jersey family bought a beautiful 1.3 million dollar home, but apparently the home’s sale included a stalker called “The Watcher.”

According to the buyers, “The Watcher” started sending the new buyers letters that said he was “in charge of the home,” and watching the home was a family tradition that started in the 1920s with his grandfather. In some of his letters he asked where they would be sleeping so he could better watch the family and asked if “they knew what was in the walls?” He also made veiled threats against the couple’s children.

Now, the buyers are suing the sellers because they unearthed evidence the sellers knew about “The Watcher” before moving and didn’t tell the buyers. New Jersey doesn’t have a disclosure law, which means the sellers didn’t have to tell the buyers if they knew anything about The Watcher. Even if there was a disclosure law in New Jersey, something like a home stalker most likely wouldn’t be included. Once again, this is why it is imperative to complete due diligences as well as getting a home warranty plan on your new place.


According to Trulia, only 50% of women homebuyers would be willing to live near or next to a cemetery. But what happens if you find out you’ve been living on top of one all along?

That’s what happened to Vincent Marcello, who wanted to build a pool, but instead unearthed 15 coffins that belonged to the old St. Peter Cemetery. Luckily, the coffins were moved, and were reburied. Marcello said he didn’t mind at all – so we guess he was one of the 61% of men who would be completely find living next to a cemetery.

Home Repairs

Finally, most homeowners move into their new abodes without realizing an extremely frightening thing lies in wait within their walls …. Home repairs. Unfortunately, systems and appliances have a life expectancy, and break down often. Most homeowners spend between 2 and 4% of their home’s value on home repairs each year. If they have a home warranty plan, however, they can save thousands of dollars. A home warranty plan covers repairs and replacements of systems and appliances that have failed from normal wear and tear. These can cost between $400 and $600 annually with a $60 service fee charge.

If you’re interested in ridding yourself of the looming costs of repairs and replacements, get a home warranty plan. You can compare our home warranty plans here, or simply go to our homepage to learn more.

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Frights Home Warranties Could Fix

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  • Jack NIckson

    5/28/2016 4:56:25 PM | Reply

    Hi Whitney,

    As i own a local moving company I have found many similar scrarry things during my career. For example two years ago we found a death cat in one bedroom! The cat was death for atleast couple of months and the scariest thing was that the owners were living there during this time....


  • Randy Bell

    9/8/2016 7:05:23 PM | Reply

    This is a great post Whitney. I work for a local rubbish removal company and can say with confidence that we have found many scarier things then these in the post. One example is the dead pig we found in one London backyard.

    Here is the photo of the pig i made myself: gorubbishgo.co.uk/.../pig.jpg


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