Moving is stressful. It can be frustrating and scary. You’re moving to a new place, with new challenges, and new neighbors (who, honestly, can sometimes be considered challenges on their own!). But before you even set foot in your new place, actually getting there can be ridiculously hard. You might have read our post from yesterday, where Landmark Home Warranty explained what you should do before you move your furniture in and start calling your new place home. This post, however, is what you should do before that process. Here are 5 tips to simplify your move and make packing, cleaning and selling your home as easy as pie!


Everyone knows that one of the main parts of moving into a new home is to clean your own home. It’s common courtesy to make sure the new residents can move into a crumb and spill-free environment. You expect your new home to be cleaned and ready for a move in, so you should give that same benefit to your new residents. However, cleaning doesn’t benefit just your owners, it benefits you and the sell of your home as well. People are more likely to purchase a clean, open, clutter-free home, so the best way to do that is to start cleaning early! Of course, we don’t mean the type of cleaning where you deep clean your stove, and then you don’t touch it again.  You’re still going to be using your appliances within your home, and although you should be cleaning them before you have people come and see the inside of your home, you don’t need to be up all night making the inside of the oven sparkle. What you can do is start to downsize. Cleaning begins with decluttering. You can start donating or throwing away clothes, shoes, furniture, and other odds and ends months before the big move, and even before you put the house on the market.

“No, this does not mean you can donate Mr, Fluffypants to Goodwill!”

This way, you’ll be packing less and you’ll know what you’re moving into your new house is something you’ll actually be using. You can also start putting things into storage to declutter the home. Buying a storage unit, or renting one, can cost less than $100 a month, and let you put things you’ll eventually want in your new home  but don’t want to deal with moving them right now, into storage.


Social security cards. Birth certificates. Marriage certificates. School records. Do you know where each of those documents are for every member of your family? If not, you should find them and put them into a document folder. Find one you know you won’t forget, and one that won’t be put into storage or packed into boxes that you might not unpack for weeks on end.

"The bed is probably somewhere in this room, but I’ve been looking for three hours and I still can’t find it. "

This way, as you try to change schools for your kids, update your driver’s licenses and get started with new jobs and your new life, you will have all of your important documents on hand. There are too many horror stories that revolve around people’s important documents being stolen, lost or destroyed in a move. Get a secure important documents folder and make sure it doesn’t happen to you.


Getting a home warranty can make your home sell faster and for more money, according to a study done by the Service Contract Industry Council. A home warranty can protect your new residents and make them feel more secure. One of the largest challenges that many new residents face when shopping for a new home is not knowing how much money they will have to pay for upkeep of appliances and home systems. Since they haven’t been living in the house, they don’t know how well you and your family have taken care of the oven and dishwasher.

I just want you to know, I have spent hours making sure this plumbing is flawless. Flawless, I tell you. 

They want to feel secure that when they make the purchase, there isn’t going to be a major issues with the home systems and appliances that they will have to fork out money to fix. That’s why getting a home warranty can make your home sell faster and for more money. The new resident will feel secure. A home warranty is quite simple, too. The prices for plans start in the low hundreds of dollars, which gets a home a full year contract. Then, when something goes wrong, the new residents just have to call the best home warranty company (if you have Landmark Home Warranty, that is!) and let them know what’s happening with their home system or appliance that has failed. As long as the appliance has been properly maintained, and is in the service contract, the homeowners will pay a $60 flat rate fee, and the home warranty company will send over a trusted service contractor who will fix or replace the faulty appliance. And $60 for a heater or appliance that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars to replace is a great deal!


This is one thing that every person who has ever moved will tell you: make sure to pack smart! Now, we’re not saying you have to Tetris your way through thousands of boxes to get everything to fit absolutely perfectly, but don’t just haphazardly throw things into boxes, either. You do want to make sure your packing is organized. Go room by room, and make sure to pack the things you’re not going to need to a long time first. Start with décor, and things that are necessities (like pans or silverware.)

Why did you pack Mr. Snuffy’s dog food? We still have three weeks before the move!

Make sure to start cleaning out the fridge, and making the food you won’t be able to take with you on the move. As you start to pack, make sure you have enough boxes and tape, because you don’t want to have to keep going back to the store to buy them, when you could be expending that energy on packing. 


Ah, those annoying little things that you have to do when you’re moving. Usually they get shoved on a to do list, and you’re too busy to take five minutes and do them because you’re surrounded by piles of boxes, and newspaper, and bubble wrap, and things that need to go into those boxes wrapped with newspaper and bubble wrap. So you forget about them, and then suddenly when you’re all moved into your new home, you have two utility bills. It’s a lot easier to just call your water, gas and electric companies to let them know when you’ll be moving and when to stop taking money from your account when you won’t be living in your home anymore.

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