It seems like new and improved kitchen gadgets are popping up everywhere these days. From fish egg yolk separators  to cat measuring cups there’s a huge variety of gadgets for your kitchen, but at the end of the day, most of them will just take up extra space in your drawers. That’s why here at Landmark Home Warranty we have found the most amazing smart gadgets for your kitchen that are incredibly helpful and you’re guaranteed to actually use. The best part? We’re giving one away for free, and you can pick which one you want! That’s right, if you win, you pick which one of these gadgets you want to have in your kitchen! You can learn how to enter below.

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Drop is a scale that connects with a smart device application to walk you through hundreds of single bowl baking recipes. If there is a future for baking, Drop is it. Their tagline is “With Drop, Anyone can Bake!” and it’s true. You begin with your iPad application, and pick a recipe from the Drop app. Then, you’ll put a bowl on the Drop scale. Drop will walk you through each step of the recipe as you place the ingredients in the bowl. With its accurate weighing, Drop can scale the recipe, so if you don’t have enough sugar, Drop will resize your recipe for you. It’s battery powered, which lasts up to a year, and easy to store. Anyone can use Drop, and it’s the future of smart gadgets in the kitchen. 

Price: $99.95

The best home warranty is giving away a drop




From the creators of SpreadTHAT! comes the revolution in thawing meat. As many people know, thawing meat at room temperature for longer than 2 hours lets dangerous bacteria reproduce on the surface of meat, which can make you sick. ThawThat! takes away that  concern by helping your frozen foods thaw quickly, using THAT!’s thermo-liquid. The liquid inside of the ThawThat! draws the cold away from the frozen food, and speeds up thawing time, reducing the possibility of bacteria and disease.

Price: $60

The best home warranty company is giving away a ThawThat



From the creators of ThawTHAT! comes the revolution for spreading cold butter. SpreadTHAT! takes spreading butter to a whole new level. It takes the body heat from the user to heat up and then cut cold butter. There’s no electricity either — it’s designed with heat conducting metal. You can use it on a variety of different spreads, not just butter! It works with cream cheese, jams, peanut butter, chocolate, and it’s even dishwasher safe.

Price: $20

The best of the home warranty companies is giving away a spread that



It’s ridiculously frustrating to run out of eggs in the middle of a recipe, and have to go to the store for more. Luckily, if you have Egg Minder, you don’t have to worry about that. Egg Minder is a case to store your eggs that tracks how many eggs you have left. Egg Minder wirelessly connects to your smart phone to remind you to pick up eggs when you’re at the store. While you’re cooking, Egg Minder will light up which egg to use next, based on how old the eggs are. Keep your eggs fresh, and never run out again!

Price: $50

The best home warranty company is giving away an egg minder



Have you ever noticed that some baking recipes tell you to roll your dough out to an exact thickness? How exactly do you do that? Eyeball it? Get out your ruler? Or you could use Joseph Joseph’s adjustable rolling pin. The rolling pin comes with four removable discs that raise or lower the pin by different amounts, so you can get the exact thickness on your dough. It’s simple, but genius.

Price: $20

One of the best home warranty companies is giving away this rolling pin




Garbage cans are a necessary evil in a kitchen. You could buy a cheap one that doesn’t have a lid, but that would also mean your kitchen could be enveloped by rather pungent odors. Buying one with a lid can help prevent that, but when it’s time to throw away something, usually you don’t want to open the lid of a garbage can, or open a cabinet to throw something away. That’s why a touch-free garbage can is helpful. You wave your hand over the lid, and it opens automatically. When it’s time to change the bag, the lid will cease operation, letting you easily take the garbage out, and place a new bag within the canister.

Price: $120

The best home warranty company is giving away this garbage can


Of course while you’re busy getting your kitchen ready for the future, remember that your major kitchen appliances need protection, and so does your wallet. Get a home warranty and protect your appliances from unexpected repairs and replacements when they fail from normal wear and tear. A home warranty can help with budget protection too, since for most repairs and replacements you’ll only have to pay the $60 service call fee. For more information about home warranties, home warranty plans or home warranty coverage, please go to Landmark’s website at www.LandmarkHW.com


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