Last month I met with the President of Air Filters Delivered, LLC, Isaac Flanagan. We spoke about the tremendous benefit a monthly air filter delivery service would be for Landmark customers. Landmark Home Warranty and Air Filters Delivered is now working together to offer you a new Filter Auto Delivery service, with a Landmark customer exclusive discount. 

As a homeowner and landlord of two other properties, I can't tell you how excited I am about this new program. I constantly forget to change my filters each month, and I know it's the last thing on my tenants' minds. This filter delivery program offers homeowners the following benefits:

  • A filter is delivered to your doorstep each month (or as needed) to serve as your reminder.

  • The filters are typically CHEAPER than the local home improvement stores, even with shipping!

  • No more trying to remember the filter size or rating when you are at the store (I do this all the time), or finding the store doesn't have the size you need

  • You save up to 15% on your energy bill (according to Energy Star)

  • Your Landmark Home Warranty may not cover failures if you do not properly maintain your furnace (this includes changing your filter)

  • Your furnace will last longer and run more efficiently

Take advantage of this new Filter Auto Delivery Program from, and save an additional 10% off your order by using the online Coupon Code: LANDMARKHW

There is no commitment or contract. You can start and stop anytime you like.


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