Nobody likes to do the dishes. Most of us enjoy dirtying the dishes by eating food with them, but almost no one enjoys cleaning them. That’s why the dishwasher was invented. At first it may not seem like such an issue if your dishwasher isn’t working, but as the dishes pile up in the sink, and the amount seems almost insurmountable, you may begin wishing you had planned ahead and paid attention to know when your dishwasher needed repairs or replacement. Have no fear, Landmark is here to help you know what your dishwasher difficulties might mean.


When your dishwasher finishes a cycle, is there still water in the bottom? A slow draining dishwasher could mean you have a clog in your drain line, or the drain itself is cracked. Both of those need to be repaired by a dishwasher contractor. Poor draining can lead to rust in the bottom of your dishwasher unit, or mold and leaks in the floorboards of your home. 


Does your dishwasher leak or have a puddle at the base of the unit after a cycle? This could mean there is a crack in the shell of your dishwasher. The shell is supposed to keep suds and water inside of the dishwasher, and if they begin to leak out it can warp the wood of your home and grow mold. Call a dishwasher contractor to see if your dishwasher can be repaired, or if you need to replace the entire unit.


It may seem obvious but if you run your dishwasher and your dishes don’t end up clean, this is a sign that your dishwasher needs repairs. It could be that the water in your unit isn’t hot enough, or strong enough. Both of those repairs can be fixed by a dishwasher technician. A professional will be able to tell if you need to repair or replace your unit.


If your dishwasher’s cycle ends and your dishes aren’t warm to the touch, you could have a failed heating coil in your unit. Hot water cleans dishes better than cold water, and by using a dishwasher that uses cold water, you could be leaving food particles and germs on your plates and cups. A dishwasher technician will easily be able to replace the heating coil within your unit. If you have a home warranty and your dishwasher’s heating coil has failed, call your home warranty company to see if they can repair or replace the part. 


If you dishwasher emits a humming sound while washing your dishes, it could be a faulty or old motor. If your dishwasher is 10 years old or more, there’s a chance that the motor has reached its lifespan and will fail. If your dishwasher has been properly maintained and failed from normal wear and tear, a home warranty can save you hundreds on the repair or replacement of a new unit. With a home warranty dishwashers are only $60, instead of the hundreds of dollars you could spend purchasing a new one.


If you load the dishes in your dishwasher and the dishwasher won’t turn on, it most likely has failed. If your dishwasher has failed from normal wear and tear and you have a home warranty protecting your house, call your home warranty company and they will send a trained dishwasher technician to repair or replace your unit for a $60 service call fee.

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