Ah, the holidays. It’s a time for laughter, dashing through the snow and singing jolly carols wishing your friends and family yuletide bliss. It’s also a time for glorious amounts of food. Although we don’t promote gluttony here at Landmark Home Warranty, we do enjoy a good plate of delicious homemade food. Baking mince meat pies, turkeys, hams and gingerbread cookies is fun and exciting, unless your oven stops working, and then it becomes a holiday-sized headache.

“I wanted to bite a head off of a gingerbread man. THAT’S ALL I WANTED.”

Many times when an oven stops working it’s just a lack of maintenance. It could have been prevented with a few simple steps, which is why Landmark Home Warranty has created this list of 3 oven maintenance tips.


1. Spend Quality Time with your Oven

That might sound like you need to take your oven out to dinner and wine and dine it, but what we really mean is to clean it … after you make dinner IN it.

Could we still go, though? I have a 9 p.m. reservation at Le Jardin…”

Even if you have a self-cleaning oven, that doesn’t cut it. Spill food while cooking? (Who doesn’t, honestly?) Make sure to scrape it off or wipe it up. Clean the control panel, the door and the stovetop often. The inside of your oven should be cleaned three to four times a year.  If you have a self cleaning oven, run that function, but make sure to only use a cleaning solution if it says it is made only for self-cleaning ovens.  For ovens that are not self-cleaning, make sure the inside is cool and then clean with oven cleaner.  Always take out the racks and boiler pans and clean them separately.

2. Maintain the blower motor

A blower motor is an important part of an oven. It runs a fan into the oven that blows the hot air around, maintaining a set temperature, for even baking. Without a blower motor, half of your casserole might be a burnt crisp and the other half could be a soup.

“Maaaaybe the kids won’t be able to tell?”

If your blower motor is one that needs to be lubricated, this needs to be done every 6 months. Your oven owner’s manual will let you know if you have a style that needs lubrication and how to lubricate your blower motor. Keeping the motor (which is located on the back side of your oven) clean from dirt and dust is an excellent idea. To do this, all you have to do is 

3. Give your oven some space

Think of your oven like a relationship. Without space, a relationship doesn’t flourish and can sometimes lead to major problems between two people. Your oven is the same way – without excellent airflow, your oven won’t function properly, and can even break down prematurely.  

“You need your space? Are you breaking up with me?!” 

Obviously, if you’re buying an oven and you don’t know where to put it, make sure that you are allowing for a lot of airflow around the back and the blower motor. If you already have an oven in place, do your best to make sure it's airflow isn’t being restricted. Don’t put things in or around spaces between walls and your oven. Those are supposed to be there, and if you change how much air is getting into that space, you could cause the oven to break down.

Ovens can fail even with maintenance. This is where a  home warranty can help!

Here at Landmark Home Warranty we know better than anyone that even with proper maintenance an oven can get old and stop working from normal wear and tear. Of course we know about it! As a home warranty company that’s what we take care of every day. If your oven (or dishwasher, or plumbing, or furnace, or a number of other home systems and appliances) goes out from normal wear and tear, and it has been correctly maintained, Landmark Home Warranty will repair or replace the system or appliance for a $60 service call fee – as long as you have a home warranty that is.

A home warranty is extremely beneficial for homeowners. If an oven does go out, and they have a home warranty from one of the home warranty companies, they will call that company and tell them what is going on. The best home warranty will provide a contractor for the homeowner, and they will pay $60 to have the oven repaired or replaced.

If you are interested in getting a home warranty, you can compare home warranty plans from Landmark Home Warranty here, or get more information about the best home warranty company (that’s us!) in Texas, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and now Nevada at Our home warranties are the most comprehensive, and we provide the best service for homeowner’s money.


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