You’re buying a home! What an exciting and exhilarating time, full of choices of floor plans, carpet, cabinetry, location and more. Actually, it’s a little scary too. Especially when you are choosing something that is going to change your life in a lot of ways, and you’re most likely on a budget. 


 “I’ll take them all!” …We’re assuming this isn’t you. 

Since buying a new home can be frightening, Landmark has compiled a list of three things you have to know before you buy your first home.

Pay Attention to Details Inside and Outside

All homes are going to have problems, even brand new ones. When making a walk-through on a potential buy, pay close attention to details in and outside of the home. A few bugs here and there could mean major pest control is needed later. 

“Um… so when the seller told me I shouldn’t be worried about these gigantic spiders … he’s wrong?" 

Luckily for new homeowners, if the home comes with a home warranty like a Landmark Home Warranty, some plans in pest-heavy areas, like Texas or Arizona cover pest control. Since these home warranty plans cover pest control for ants, cockroaches, crickets, spiders and more, pests aren’t always the worst thing you can find in a new buy.

However, spots on the ceiling, creaking floorboards or damaged wood can mean that the current homeowner didn’t take care of the home … and it can also mean big spending for a brand new homeowner.

Choose the top things you want in a home

… and let the rest go.

As a first time home buyer, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make every dream on your home wish list come true.

"Well, it has a floor … and half of a roof. I guess the rest of these things are just semi-important."

That doesn’t mean that you should completely give up and go with the first house that is in your price range. Pick the top five things you want in a home and stick with those. Remember, those top needs might not really be a white picket fence and a swing-set in the backyard. According to statistics of homebuyers, 27% wish they would have done more remodeling on the home, 34% wish they had bought a larger home, and 15% said they wish they had chosen a home closer to work or school. To ensure you don’t have any regrets when you are buying your first home, stick with the things that are the most important to you when buying.

Inspection doesn’t always show everything

The home inspection that comes with a new home doesn’t always show everything. Unfortunately, there are some things that a home inspector just doesn’t see. For example, a furnace can have cracks in the heat exchanger, where carbon dioxide can leak out into the air you and your family breathe. Although a home inspector can look at some of the furnace, finding cracks in the heat exchanger can be nearly impossible without a contractor's tools – something a inspector doesn’t have.

"Well, from here your furnace looks great!"

As you are buying your first home, remember that it’s a real possibility that there will be things that fall apart and need to be repaired that aren’t included in your home inspection. A home is an investment, and that includes being prepared for surprise costs when you need to fix parts of the home that aren’t holding up.

Not only that, remember that things wear out over time. Although your home may have been in superb condition when you purchased it, wear and tear can cause things to stop working. For those home systems and appliances that stop working after normal wear and tear, having a home warranty can reduce those surprise costs, limiting bills from thousands to under $100 for a full repair or replacement.

Getting a home warranty with a new home provides peace of mind.

With Landmark Home Warranty, a new homeowner can have peace of mind knowing that normal wear and tear of a new home can be covered by a home warranty. You won’t need to stress about costs of fixing or replacing a dishwasher, plumbing system or refrigerator with a home warranty plan, as it will be covered with a $60 service call fee. For more information about home warranties, you can look at Landmark’s full coverage by comparing plans here, or find more information at www.Landmarkhw.com


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