Three Ways to Insulate your Home this Winter | Home Warranty Help

Three Ways to Insulate your Home this Winter | Home Warranty Help

As the temperature drops, you probably find yourself dressing warmer, pulling blankets out of the closet and eating more soup. Each of those things can help keep you warm this winter season, but keeping your home warm is a completely different story.

What is the key to keeping a home warm? Insulation! Warm air leaks out of your home, and cold air seeps in, which makes you keep pushing the thermostat up, and the bills go up along with it! Keeping your home insulated will not only make you more comfortable this winter season, but will also keep your wallet full.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of 3 things you can do to insulate your home, keeping the warmth inside your house and money in your pocket.

1. Make or Buy Draft Guards

The U.S. Department of Energy has said a homeowner can save anywhere between 5% to 30% on energy costs by reducing drafts and air leaks each year.  

Some of the largest culprits of drafts in a home are doors and windows.

An easy fix for drafts by doors and windows are draft guards. You can make your own  out of a sock filled with rice, beans, popcorn kernels, etc.  Or  you can buy one, which can retail between $5 to $15 dollars.

2. Insulate your Windows

Have you ever put your hand on a window and were pretty sure you had just touched ice, not glass? That’s a good sign that your windows are letting the cold seep into your home. A great way to combat this is to purchase window insulator film, which can retail between $10-$30 a package. This plastic film is an insulator, and can keep 55% of your home’s heat within its walls. 

If you want to save money, and are interested in a simple DIY project, you can provide the same insulation with bubble wrap. Just spray your windows with a mixture of water and a few drops of liquid dish soap and press the bubble wrap into place. The bubble wrap will stay for the winter season, and keep your home insulated. Just make sure to keep all of the bubble wrap popping fiends aren’t invited over.


“So  Ted … do you think it still works if I’ve popped all the bubbles?”
“There’s only one way to find out, Bob.” 

3. Install a Chimney Draft Pillow

It used to be that using a fireplace for heat was inevitable, as there were no other options for heating a home. Today, a fireplace is used on occasion, but not as a home’s main source of heat.

However, if you’re not using the fireplace to heat your home, it can be another source of a draft. Purchasing or making a chimney pillow can keep warm air inside of your home, and the cold air coming down the chimney. They can retail between $30 and $50. Or you can stuff your chimney with newspapers, or a pillowcase full of socks.

If you have a home warranty, fireplaces aren't usually covered, so making sure you are taking good care of your fireplace is a good idea! One of the ways you can take care of it is by remembering to take the pillow or insulation out of the chimney before you start a fire.

Using this list, you can easily get through winter safe and warm. If you have a home warranty with Landmark Home Warranty, getting a furnace tune-up (which is included in the coverage on all plans) is an excellent idea. That way, you can know if your furnace is in good shape, what you need to fix for your safety and comfort, as well as what you can do to save money on your heating bills! 

If you are interested in receiving this type of care for your home, and coverage on other major home systems and appliances, look into getting a home warranty with Landmark Home Warranty. We provide heating and air conditioning tune-ups that can prevent major issues within your home appliances. Landmark Home Warranty also provides coverage for wear and tear on plumbing and electrical systems, air conditioning and heating as well as other home appliances.  For more information on home warranties, and the types of plans Landmark Home Warranty offers, please check out our plan comparison here or go to our website at 

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