So you’re a new homeowner. How do you feel? Happy? Excited for the new challenges that you’ll surely face? Ready to face the world of fixing broken toilets in the middle of the night, overflowing dishwashers, worrying about intruders and constantly checking to make sure your door is locked?

Of course you are!


Wait! Stop screaming! We’re sorry! Was it something we said?

Even if you’ve owned your home for a long time, there are certain things you may not have realized you need when you own a home. Here’s our list of 5 those five things:

1. Emergency Supply Kit

Every homeowner needs an emergency supply kit in an accessible place, just in case. It could be a minor power outage, or a full week-long disaster, but either way, you need to have supplies to help you survive whatever comes you … or your home’s way.


The kitchen light went out, so death it obviously imminent. Good thing I have my emergency supply kit! 

Some of the things that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has suggested be in a emergency supply kit are at least three gallons of water per person in your household, a three-day supply of non perishable food, a flashlight and a first aid kit. For more recommendations on what to put in your kit, you can find FEMA’s supply listhere

2. Home Repair Tools

Home ownership is sometimes a lot like  taking care of a small child.  When one thing is fixed, another thing seems to break. You sometimes just want to look at your home and say “I just cleaned up this mess! Can’t you stay fixed for once?”


“Maybe if I close my eyes, I won’t be able to see the mess my home just made. “

That’s why buying some home repair tools is a good idea. Having a set of screwdrivers, a hammer, nails and a wrench can get you through some of the rough patches all new homeowners face. Going to a home store and buying a pack of simple tools can save you a lot of worry in the long run. Or, if you would rather save time (and money!) you can purchase a home warranty for your home, and pay a small fee for a trusted contractor to come fix the repairs for you.  (see below)

3. Home Warranty

A home is complex and has a ton of appliances and home systems. Some of these systems and appliances will be new, and some will be old. Old appliances and systems can cause problems for homeowners, mostly because most of them aren’t an electric, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and appliance guru all in one.  


“This would be easier if I knew what I was doing…” 

That’s why getting a home warranty is a good idea. It covers what home insurance doesn’t cover. With a home warranty, you will call your home warranty company and report the problem. If it is covered in your home warranty plan, a trusted contractor that is an expert in that problem will come and fix the appliance or home system for a small service charge.  (Landmark Home Warranty’s is $60.) Compared to the thousands a homeowner could spend on repairs, paying $60 for repair or replacement with a home warranty is a great way to save money.

4. ReKeys

As with any new homeowner, when you bought your house, you got a set of keys to a number of doors throughout your home. Having a key to your own place is really exciting! Until you realize that there are other people out there who have lived in your home who might have a set of keys that looks just like yours.


We’ll just let that sink in for a minute.

By now, you’ve probably realized you need a rekey on your locks. Of course, the people you bought your home from are probably extremely nice, and wouldn’t ever use their keys to your home, but wouldn’t you feel better knowing only you and you alone have a key to your home? 

There are some home warranty companies that provide a rekey service with their plans. (Landmark Home Warranty provides a re-key service for up to 6 locks in all of their home warranty plans.)

5. Gardening Supplies

Now that you’ve purchased a home, you probably have a yard or garden space. That means just taking care of your small houseplant Fred isn’t going to cut it anymore.


“Don’t worry, Fred! Just because I have a whole yard of you now, you’ll still be my favorite.”

A lot of new home owners don’t realize the upkeep they will have with a yard. Purchasing a rake, a lawn mower, shovel, trowels, a garden hose and more is essential for a well-kept yard. 

If you want more information on rekey services or to look at Landmark’s home warranty plans here, you can find more information at our website www.landmarkhw.com.


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