A Home Warranty is the Best Gift you can Give this Holiday Season

A Home Warranty is the Best Gift you can Give this Holiday Season


Every year in December, people from all walks of life end up hitting the store frantically, trying to find the best gifts of all time. They want to surprise their grandma, aunt, uncle, wife or husband with what they’ve always wanted. With this frantic searching for the perfect gift, many websites, magazines and newspapers publish what they and their team of editors think are the best gifts of the season. They might be the best priced gifts, the most quantity for your money, or what everyone seems to want this year. Here at Landmark Home Warranty, we have read a plethora of these gift giving guides, and none of them seem to have, what we think, is the best gift you could possibly buy for someone! So, since we can’t recommend a great gift guide this year, we have had to create our own. We hope you enjoy what we think are the top 5 gifts of the season.


Be it speakers, roll-up keyboards, smart watches, tablets, or Netflix, it’s no question that anything technological can be a huge hit with anyone on your list. (Except for those cousins who refer to themselves as the granola family and live in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, of course.) There have been some great deals on tablets this year, and you can bet that many people will be unwrapping something to do with technology this year. 


People love to zone out and watch something on their TV. Movies this year are a huge hit – specifically Frozen, which came out on DVD March 18. Some other contenders are Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent and The Lego Movie. Of course, if you’re not sure what kind of movies the people on your list might want, you can always just buy them a gift card for movie tickets, and they can pick what they want to watch. 


Our lives are ruled by smart phones. As of a year ago, 90% of American adults have a cell phone, and 58% of those have a smart phone. For those people with a smart phone on your list, getting smart phone accessories are always a good choice. Choose a decorative case for those of your friends who love to mix and match, or get a super supportive case that protects the phone from water or being dropped for your friends who are adventurers. You can purchase wireless speakers for your phone, or go so far as to get a self sanitizer. And for those people who constantly post selfies, pick up the perfect selfie kit, which includes a clip-on phone lense and a portable lighting disk. 


The most requested gift this year, according to the New York post, is a gift card. No matter what they want, you can get it for them with a gift card. Combine a gift card for a fancy dinner and a play for an instant date night gift. Or, purchase a gift card for a grocery store for those poor college students. No matter what people want, getting a gift card can make their dreams come true this holiday season.


From our perspective, a home warranty is the best present you can get someone. It really is an amazing gift for anyone on your list, as long as they are homeowners. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a closer look: 


Your son and daughter-in-law just purchased their first home, and they’re excited to earn their reputation as homeowners. This might reflect in their constant Facebook statuses about DIY projects, painting or gardening. Or it might reflect in their constant calls to you asking about how to fix a clogged toilet or why their water never comes out hot from the taps. Either way, a home warranty has this gift covered. As they Google, call and DIY their way through this new stage of home ownership, they can rest assured that their home systems and appliances are safe. All they have to do is keep their home maintained, and when their appliances fail from normal wear and tear, there won’t be any panic on their end. All they have to do is call Landmark Home Warranty (or their home warranty company) and explain what’s going on, and for a small $60 fee, the home system or home appliance will be repaired or replaced. *insert sigh of relief here.* 


For the homeowners who have had their homes for a few years or more, a home warranty is the perfect gift. Imagine their surprise when you give them a gift that means they won’t have to worry about replacing their furnace, air conditioner or water heater if it fails due to normal wear and tear. As home get older, the chances of their home systems and appliances failing increases, and as long as the homeowners have maintained their home, a home warranty can save them thousands of dollars on replacing and repairing their furnace or air conditioner when it inevitably goes out. 


Moving to a new home is something that many people experience. They might need a change of scenery, need to be closer to a new job, or their family has outgrown their current home. Regardless, a home warranty is the perfect gift. According to a study done by the Service Contract Industry Council, putting a home warranty on a home being sold makes the home sell for more money and faster than without a home warranty.

Home warranties can benefit any of the people on your list this year, from the people who don’t know how to fix any of their home appliances or home systems, to those who have gotten too busy, or sick to do so anymore. Put a home warranty on your family and friends homes and have the savings keep giving all year long. If you want to purchase a home warranty for your family or friend’s homes, go to Landmark Home Warranty’s website at www.Landmarkhw.com and order online, or give us a call at 866.306.2999!

Gifting a home warranty for the holidays?

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