How to Clean a Faucet Aerator

How to Clean a Faucet Aerator

How to clean your Faucet Aerator

Get your Sink Running an Even Stream of Water Again!

One of the complaints that many people have with their older kitchen sink is they just don’t give the same even stream of water they used to. Either there’s a lack of water coming from the spigot, or the stream splashes and spits when you turn it on. These problems could be caused because of build-up within the sink’s plumbing, or because it’s just old and worn out. Before buying a brand new faucet, though, you might want to take a look at an extremely simple do-it-yourself fix that takes almost no time at all. A faucet aerator could be the cause of the unwanted splashing and spitting. Landmark Home Warranty has all the details you need to clean your faucet aerator.

What is a faucet aerator?

Go take a look at your sink. You’ve likely been looking a faucet aerator for years now, and just never known what it was, or what it did.


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The faucet aerator is located at the very end of your sink’s faucet and is where the water pours out when you turn on the tap. Most (if not all) sinks have them. When they work properly, they direct the water from the tap straight down to prevent splashing and shape into a nice stream of water. It also helps with water pressure, and water conservation.

There are three main parts of a faucet aerator:

  • The housing
  • The mesh insert
  • The rubber washer


It’s a fairly simple piece of the sink, yet it controls a lot of what you see when you turn on the spout.

How does a faucet aerator work?

A faucet aerator does three jobs in one:

  • Saves Water
  • Reduces Splashing
  • Filters Water

Saves Water

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Have you ever heard that you need to “aerate” something? Maybe you had to aerate your lawn or you enjoy aerating your wine. To aerate something means is you introduce air into a substance. The faucet aerator does this as well – it introduces air into your stream of water.

When water is brought up through your pipes to your sink and out the spout, it’s one solid stream of water. However, as it passes through the mesh insert, that one stream is broken up into a few dozen smaller streams, allowing air into the stream of water, and restricting how much water goes through the faucet at one time. This maintains a consistent flow and pressure while you’re washing your hands, cleaning dishes or filling up a pot of water.

Reduces Splashing

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Have you ever dumped a bucket of water on the ground? If you have, you know that it causes a lot of splash-back. If you happen to dump the bucket on dirt or mud, you’ve probably ended up with a lot of that mud on your clothes. Imagine if you poured that bucket into something like a sand sifter. Less water would be able to get through the sand sifter at a time, which would reduce the splash-back when it fell on the ground. Plus, the water pressure is a lot higher because the sifter limits how much water can get through to the ground.

When you’re using your kitchen sink, it’s a lot like dumping a large bucket of water on the ground. There’s going to be a lot of splashing. However, the aerator acts as the sand sifter – making sure there’s less water going to the ground, with a steadier stream and more pressure.

Filters Water

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There is always going to be small bits of sand and rock in your water. It’s inevitable, which is why cleaning sediment out of your water heater is something you should be doing regularly. The faucet aerator makes sure none of that dirt and sand get into the water you’re using to cook and clean. However, this feature is the reason that your water stream can become temperamental. Luckily, it’s an easy fix.

How can you clean a faucet aerator?

1. Unscrew your faucet aerator.

2. Remove the washer from the top of the aerator

If the internal parts are stuck together, you may need to soak them in vinegar for a half hour.

  1. Gently push out insert

4. Clean the mesh insert from dirt and debris.


5. Put the aerator back together

Make sure to remember how they went together. Make notes of this as you take it apart for cleaning.

6. Replace aerator

Turn on the tap, and see if your water pressure and even stream of water have been fixed! If it hasn’t, it may be time to call a professional plumber.

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Get your sink to run an even stream of water again

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