Close your eyes and let Landmark Home Warranty paint a delicious food picture for you: Mountains of buttery mashed potatoes. Rivers of gravy. Sweet and tangy cranberries. Mounds of soft, warm rolls. Melt in your mouth turkey. Warm pumpkin pie. What an amazing portrait! Such art, such grace! Have you guessed what the food picture is about yet?

"No. But I’d like to eat it, if you wouldn’t mind." 

It’s Thanksgiving dinner, of course! Perhaps you are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at your home. Maybe you’re the master chef behind the meal, prepping each dish and serving it to your friends and family with collective ooh’s and aah’s. Regardless of what you’ll be doing, Thanksgiving is a delicious meal that you are most likely going to be participating in, in just 2 short weeks.  That is, unless your oven has other plans.

"I was actually planning on going to St. Lucia that week …"

Is your Thanksgiving dinner safe from a temperamental or broken oven? Now don’t start stressing. If you have maintained your oven, you probably have nothing to worry about. However, even with extreme maintenance and oven cleaning, wear and tear happens, and sometimes ovens just stop working.

"You couldn’t have cleaned it any more than you did, it was just your oven’s time."   

Imagine if this happened early morning on Thanksgiving Day? You put your turkey in the oven, and you go back to check on it 30 minutes later, and you realize the oven isn’t working. What are you going to do? Go over to your neighbor’s home and ask if you could "Please just borrow her oven for a few hours?" They probably have other uses for their oven on this fine Thanksgiving Day. There is always Chef David Burke’s option of using your dishwasher to cook your turkey (yes, you read that right, your dishwasher, read the article here.), but that seems like a huge gamble of getting salmonella.

 Luckily, if you have a home warranty with Landmark Home Warranty, you don’t have to worry about buying a gigantic meal from the deli down the street, or completely ruining your dishwasher with unsafe cooking methods. With a home warranty, you can save your oven, your Thanksgiving dinner and, ultimately, your sanity.

Thanksgiving dinner? Saved. Thank you home warranty!

If your oven goes out, if you have a home warranty, your first step (instead of panicking) is to call Landmark Home Warranty and tell the service representative what’s happening.  After, the service representative will send a trusted and bonded contractor to your home.  He or she will look at the oven, determine the problem and let Landmark Home Warranty know. With a home warranty you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on repair parts and labor. You will spend $60 and all of the repair and labor is covered with that fee. If your oven is toast, not to worry! With a home warranty you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars in replacements and labor. A $1,200 oven with $300 labor and installation charges becomes a new oven with the same qualifications as your old oven, for $60.

If you want to make sure your thanksgiving dinner is saved this holiday season, go to and see how having a home warranty can save you thousands on home repairs and replacements.


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