Homeownership is an amazing thing. You get a house that you can call your own, which becomes a sanctuary and comes with a sense of responsibility. However, that responsibility to maintain and keep your home running smoothly can soon become a frustrating experience when your home appliances and systems are breaking down and in need of repair. Homeowners who buy older homes with older home appliances find that this happens fairly often. Most home appliances have a set amount of time that they run well for, and after that period of time things begin to stop working as well due to wear and tear. Repairs have to be made, and sometimes if the appliance or home system is old enough, the whole thing has to be replaced.

There are some repairs that are fairly easy and don’t require finding a contractor. You know how to paint your walls, caulk your windows and unplug that clogged toilet, but what about the repairs that aren’t easy fixes? Do you know how to fix leaks in your Freon lines, or how to replace that Freon? How about fixing your gas heater? Your water heater? The wiring within your home? Unless they have a business fixing all-things home repair, the average homeowner doesn’t know how to fix most of the major home appliances or systems within their homes.  For those, having a home warranty can save a homeowner thousands of dollars, as well as their time and sanity.

Now we know what you might be thinking, “Nah, I don’t need a home warranty! I might not know how to fix some of the stuff right now, but I’m sure a quick Google search can set me right!” Maybe you can find a how-to video on Google about fixing an appliance that is slowly filling your home with water, but staying calm and trying a Do It Yourself project to fix it might not be on the top of your priority list.

Well honey, the 10th how-to step-by-step article seemed to be the one I needed until the computer died from water damage. Do you think we should have gotten Landmark Home Warranty?

Having a home warranty can take charge of those pesky home repairs and provide you with peace of mind. If you’re still not convinced that having a home warranty can help you with home repairs, here are two huge reasons why you can save yourself time, money and stress with a home warranty: 

Home Warranty Pricing

There are two components to the pricing benefits of a home warranty. First of all, the most you pay for a repair or replacement (besides your premium) is $60.  That’s $60 for parts and labor.  Paying for labor and time for most contractors can at times be upwards of hundreds of dollars. If you think, “But if I’m doing this myself, I wouldn’t have to worry about the time and labor price! I just have to pay for the parts!” That’s when the second part of the price benefits of a home warranty come in. Landmark Home Warranty purchases parts for less money than retail so we don’t have to charge homeowners extreme amounts of money for different parts.  You pay a $60 flat rate fee for a $600 dishwasher or a $3,000 heating ventilation and air conditioning system.  The only way you can beat that price is if you steal your parts, something we really don’t suggest.

“You’re in here for what!? Oh. I’m in for trying to stealing my neighbor’s furnace…”

Home Warranty Knowledge-Base

Hiring a professional for major repairs and replacements can you save you even more money, time and sanity simply because of their knowledge-base. The contractors that you call to get a professional opinion for a job will know more about what is causing the problem than most homeowners do. Let’s say your furnace isn’t working as well as it used to, so you want to know how to fix it. You could call a professional, and he or she can look at the furnace and tell you what the problem is and quote you on how much it will be to fix it. Or, you can research why your heater would be less effective, do four different things to try and fix it, and spend way more money fixing a simple thing because you weren’t quite sure what was wrong. Not only that, but a professional knows how to get a repair up to code, and will make sure that his or her repair is to that standard.

“Um, something tells me your last repair wasn’t up to code …”

 They know about permits that might provide hidden costs of repairs and replacements and give you that knowledge up front. Hiring a professional contractor who knows everything there is to know about a certain home system or appliance is an excellent idea to save money, not ruin your home and save your sanity. And if you already need to find a trusted contractor, why not get a home warranty where you only have to pay them $60 for a service fee? Home warranty companies have a large group of contractors who are all qualified and trusted, otherwise they wouldn’t be employed by the company. Instead of worrying about finding the best contractor, you can trust home warranty companies to provide the best person for the job.

If you are interested in taking charge of your home repairs with a home warranty, you can look at Landmark Home Warranty at You can compare home warranty plans, or ask for a sample contract. Save time, money and a huge headache with your home ownership by taking care of your home repairs with Landmark Home Warranty. 


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