Introducing Landmark Home Services: A One-Stop-Shop for Internet, Satellite Television and Security Systems

Introducing Landmark Home Services: A One-Stop-Shop for Internet, Satellite Television and Security Systems

Introducing a one stop shop

Introducing Landmark Home Services, a one-stop-shop to get your internet, television, phone and security system set up with one easy phone call. 

For over 10 years, Landmark Home Warranty has been striving to “deliver remarkable service” through protecting homeowners’ systems and appliances. Recently, though, the Landmark executives decided they wanted to expand the company to provide service in other aspects of the home, too.

Riley Schroeder, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said the executive team wanted to expand Landmark in such a way that would help save homeowners time and money, much like the home warranty does when something breaks down in their home.

After brainstorming how Landmark could best expand to reach both of these goals, a new idea was proposed: A way to streamline the process new homeowners go through to set up the necessities like phone, internet and TV. Thus, Landmark Home Services was born.

“Buying and selling a home introduces a slew of new relationships for home-buyers to manage,” said Schroeder. “We wanted to help our customers simplify their move-in experience by consolidating the number of relationships to manage and bring them great trusted service providers and products, at a lower price.”

Introducing a one stop shop


Osmond Seangsuwan, Director of Inside Sales and Home Services, said homeowners will now be able to set up everything they need in a new home with one call.

“Landmark Home Services is truly a one-stop-shop for all of the necessities you need when first moving into a home,” Seangsuwan said. “With one phone call, our Home Service Experts can find the service you want, from the company you like, at a price that works best for you and your family.”

And Landmark Home Services is not just for homeowners who are moving to a new home. Current homeowners who are also Landmark customers can call in to see how they can save, too.

How Landmark Home Services Works

<How Home Services Works


Once a homeowner has a Landmark home warranty, they can get exclusive deals on the other parts of their home from a number of trusted service providers. Landmark has partnered with these companies to get the best deals, waive start-up fees and shave money off homeowners’ monthly bills.

All a homeowner has to do to get these deals is to either call a Home Services Expert using their direct line at 866-834-7012 or input their information to have someone call them back on the Landmark Home Services page

Once they’ve connected with a Home Services Expert, they can pick and choose which companies, prices and plans they want for their TV, internet, phone and security system.

A One-Stop-Shop means Unbiased Comparisons and Saved Time

Because Landmark has partnered with numerous different companies to get homeowners the best deals and coupons every month, one call to Landmark Home Services lets you compare pricing on all of your different options,

Cody Dean, Home Services Expert, said he helps customers compare different plans, bundles and pricing to find out exactly what they want.

“We help our homeowners save money and time because our homeowners don’t need to call three or four different companies to see what they’re offering, or to get all their home services connected at the new place,” Dean said.

With this unbiased comparison, the process to purchase through Landmark is a low-pressure experience.

“There’s no hard sales pitch to upgrade like there can be when you call some of the companies directly,” Dean said. “We just want to make sure the customer has everything they need and want.”

Save Money with Exclusive Deals

Through Landmark Home Services, homeowners can save on the costs associated with starting their service as well as in their monthly fees.

According to Dean, most homeowners can expect to save $100 on average with start-up fees and between $60-$180 a year in monthly fees.

Make sure to call and check out how much you could be saving through Landmark Home Services. If you know someone who is a current Landmark customer, or who is moving into a home that is covered by a Landmark Home Warranty, make sure to download this infographic to send to them, so they don't miss out on these exclusive deals!



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