Make Moving Relaxing! Five Moving Mishaps to Avoid

Make Moving Relaxing! Five Moving Mishaps to Avoid

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Okay, okay … we know that when you picture a calming, relaxing way to spend a day, moving is probably not at the top of that list. In fact, calming and relaxing are most likely the opposite of words you would use to describe moving day.  No matter what you do, moving day isn’t going to be as relaxing as spending a day at the beach. However, with enough preparation, you can make sure you’re not caught up in a frenzy and forgetting imperative items on your to do list (like transferring your memberships and home warranties!).  This article goes through five mistakes that many movers forget to do and how you can prepare and make moving a little more relaxing.

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Getting an Estimate

Unless you’re planning on moving your entire home yourself (if that’s the case, bless you!) you’re probably going to hire a moving company. Many moving companies will provide movers with an estimate – but many movers forget to get an estimate and compare them to get the best deal.

Moving companies offer two types of estimates: binding and nonbinding. A nonbinding estimate determines how much it will cost depending on far you’re moving, how much you’re going to be moving and the size of your current home. If the nonbinding estimate is in writing, you can’t be charge more than 10% of the original estimate. A binding estimate is a legal version of this document and the charges cannot be changed.

Remember not to go with the lowest price, either. Sometimes low prices spell out bad business practices.


Get Moving Insurance

You’re walking into your new living room and you notice your glass top coffee table has been cracked – who’s going to pay for it; you, or the mover? Whoops, apparently you are because your movers don’t have the right insurance.  If you’re going to hire a moving company to move you to your new home, make sure you familiarize yourself with their insurance policy or the lack there-of. Many moving companies will provide an insurance policy up to a certain net worth on your items and if you want more insurance on more expensive pieces of furniture or in whole, you’ll have to purchase it through their insurance company. Many homeowners don’t think of that until something has been broken and they can’t insure the item after it’s broken (much like home warranties- you can’t get an appliance repaired if it’s broken down from neglect.).


Moving Banks

Today with online banking you don’t necessarily have to go into the bank’s office to change your address, order checks, or check the balance on your account. However, withdrawing money, getting a loan or setting up a new account is easiest in person. If your bank doesn’t have a branch near your new home, it may be a good idea to open a new account with a bank by your new home.  If your bank has a branch near your new home, make sure you update your address with them ASAP. Many banks have a safety protocol that freezes credit cards if they are used outside of their usual spend area.


Transferring Home Warranties

Many homeowners forget to transfer their home warranties to the new homeowners of their house. Most home warranties can be moved to a new homeowner as long as you give the home warranty company proper notice. Most companies also ask for a small transfer fee. For example, Landmark asks for a $25 fee for administrative paperwork to transfer any of our existing home warranties to a new homeowner. Most homeowners are more than willing to pay for this transfer in order to sell their home faster and for more money. Home warranties are a perk for many home buyers. 


Transferring Memberships

Speaking of transferring memberships, many homeowners forget to transfer their gym, library, and club memberships to their new city (or just cancel them outright). If you’re moving to a place that doesn’t have a transferrable gym or organization, pay the cancelation fee and chalk it up to moving cost. It’s better to cancel and not have to worry about being charged for an automatic renewal when you’ll never be around to use the membership.


For more information on home warranties go to Landmark’s main page at Many homeowners transfer their home warranties to their new homes in order to get coverage and protection after moving. It’s frightening to move into a new home without any previous knowledge of what state the systems and appliances are in, and home warranties put many homeowners’ minds at ease. You can learn more about home warranties by looking at some of our previous blogs, too.


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