Mistakes you Don't Want to Make with a Home Inspection

Mistakes you Don't Want to Make with a Home Inspection

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When you’re in the process of buying a home, you’ll probably have a home inspection done to make sure the systems and appliances are in good working condition.

Obviously, here at Landmark, a home inspection is an integral part of your home warranty contract. Although we don’t require a home inspection report to provide a warranty on your home, home inspections help us to determine if a system or appliance is covered under your home warranty contract or not. If a home inspector recommends that the buyer asks the seller to replace the air conditioner before closing, and the buyer doesn’t, the home warranty most likely won’t cover the repair or replacement on the A/C because it was a pre-known condition. On the other hand, if the inspector didn’t note that there were problems with the A/C on the home inspection and something fails from normal wear and tear after, the repair will most likely be covered under the home warranty contract!

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Find out more about what mistakes to avoid when it comes to home inspections with our latest article recently published on Lifehack. You can go there to find out what happens if you don’t get a home inspection while buying a home, what could happen if you hire the wrong inspector of what could happen if you don’t attend the inspection. 

Then, make sure to download the Home Inspections: Don’t Make These Mistakes here.

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If you have any questions on home warranties and home inspections, go to our main page to explore our site at www.landmarkhw.com.


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