A Home Warranty can help With a Cockroach Infestation

A Home Warranty can help With a Cockroach Infestation

La Cucaracha la cucaracha,
Ya no puede caminar – 

Oh, we’re sorry. We were just singing one of the most famous Mexican folk songs. I’m sure you’ve heard it, if not go ahead and listen to it. You can probably find it on Youtube by searching for La Cucaracha. Go ahead! We’ll wait. You’ve heard it? Oh good. Did you know la cucaracha means cockroach in Spanish? Yes. That’s right. The popular folksong is about one of the most reviled bugs in the world. Really, think about it. When you think of one bug that induces shudders and skin crawling it’s usually cockroaches. No bug has ever been in pop culture more –the cockroach stars in movies, TV shows, art, and, as we’ve just pointed out, songs. For some reason, here at Landmark Home Warranty, when we think of a cockroach, we don’t normally get the desire to write a folksong about it, and we’re more interested in getting it away from us at all costs.

If you’ve never seen a cockroach (which probably means you live in a much colder climate) this is what they look like:

They are usually between a ½ to 3 inches in length. Their bodies are flat and oval shaped with six legs. Their heads are small and flat, with antennas. All cockroaches have wings, but not all of them can fly, which (we assume) means they use their wings to dress up for fancy occasions at cockroach balls. Just kidding. 

We actually have no idea why they don’t use their wings if they have them. Perhaps it’s so you’re distracted by this puzzling question while they eat all of your food and infect your home with disease.



Yes, that’s right, cockroaches have earned their abhorred reputation because they carry microbes with them that can get humans sick. They are notorious for getting into packaging for human and pet food, where they eat up your pantry and then spread their germs throughout that food, and the rest of your home.


So what do you do if you have an infestation of them? Well, unfortunately, you can’t just decapitate them and go on your way. Oh no, scientists have found that cockroaches with their heads less than intact are still completely functional creatures. Right. So how do you get rid of a group of gigantic, microbe carrying bugs?  You get a home warranty! With the right home warranty, and the right coverage, you can get your cockroaches taken care of with a flat rate fee of $60.  
Of course, you have to be in the right state, so getting an Arizona home warranty, Nevada home warranty, or Texas home warranty is always a good idea. Of course, you can always do preventative maintenance with your home, like keeping your food in sealed containers and frequent cleaning, and making sure your pipes aren’t leaking. Once you have made sure that the cockroaches cannot get food or water from your home, give the best home warranty company a call, and we can get you the right plan with pest control treatment. 
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