Snip Snip Win a Trip April 2016

Snip Snip Win a Trip April 2016

 In April, Landmark is giving away a trip to one lucky Real Estate professional! What do you have to do to win? It's easy! 

Our Landmark Outside Sales Reps will come visit your office with paper bobble heads of themselves. All you have to do is: 

1. Cut out the Bobble Head of your Rep
2. Assemble the bobble head
3. Post a picture of your bobble head to our Facebook page

Landmark will be monitoring the posts throughout April and randomly choose a winner from these participants on May 1st.

Get creative! We're excited to see where your bobble heads end up! 

Full Rules: 

Landmark will choose one winner only for all entries received. Individuals may enter as many times as they want. The winner will receive one $500 trip voucher.

Each picture on Facebook counts as one entry. Only Real Estate professionals may enter to win. Entries will only count if they are posted on Landmark's Facebook Page at Posts on personal pages will not count as an entry. 

We encourage everyone to be creative with their posts. Take the bobble heads to different places, or on different activities. We may feature your bobble head photo on our Facebook page! Paper bobble heads are notorious for not doing well below water or in extremely hot temperatures, so photos below water or around fireworks or volcanos may not be the best idea. 

The winner will be announced May 1st. Posts will be accepted the entire month of April. 


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