Staging Design Trends for 2016

Staging Design Trends for 2016

7 trends for staging

When you’re selling your home, you want your property to look up-to-date but also timeless. Individuals who are looking at the home should feel like they can move in and not have to update it to stay on-trend, but also won’t have to worry about the paint color or floor plan going out of style in a few years.

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To balance these two while staging can be tricky, but it’s definitely worth it when potential buyers picture themselves in the home and make an offer. What can you do to ensure you’ve staged the home with popular trends that will boost your profits? Here at Landmark we’ve included a list of things you can do to get that boost:

White Cabinetry



A few years ago, dark woods and glossy finishes were all the range when it came to cabinetry. Now, kitchens and bathrooms alike are going a lighter route with white painted wood cabinetry. You can install new cabinets if you’re interested in investing more money in the home. If your budget is tight, though, you can always paint the cabinets you already have white.

Matte Metals



If you’ve been in an older home recently, take a look at the cabinetry hardware, sinks and other metal elements in the house. They’re bright and shiny, right? With today’s trends, matte metals are more on hue no matter where they are in the home. Look for flat metals; brushed nickel hardware on the white cabinetry, black matte sinks, and lamps with matte finishes are all on trend these days. Update your hardware without breaking the bank at your local hardware store. Don’t be afraid to mix metals either – although that used to be a design faux pas, it’s on trend these days.

Stainless Steel … in Black?


Speaking of metal, everyone wants stainless steel. If the home has stainless steel appliances they’re mentioned in the description and heavily photographed. But in 2016, we may have moved away from the light steel color, and could be moving to a blacker stainless steel look. According to Houzz, 2/3rd of their readers say they’d rather have the black stainless steel look in their kitchen. Although you may not be looking to purchase all new appliances right now, you could purchase new front panels to update your appliances.

Rough Luxurious



Rough luxury? Two words that appear to be completely opposite are moving into the spotlight for design trends. Furniture made with reclaimed wood, but luxurious fabrics and hardware are a great example of this trend, as are chalk painted pieces that have been distressed. A great way to stage our home (and update some of your furniture) is to chalk paint a few pieces and showcase them. If you’re worried about chalk painting, don’t be! It can be ridiculously easy – you don’t even need to sand the piece down!

This type of design trend also brings repurposed pieces into play. Thrifted and vintage furniture pieces and decorations can bring a fun personality to a home, especially when it’s being staged.

Wondering how to bring out rough luxury into the home itself? Use reclaimed wood for accent walls or mirrors, while pairing it with marble accents or granite countertops. Not only do granite countertops sell well and increase the price of your home, they stay in style for a long time.

Multifunctional Furniture


Furniture is great when it does one thing … but what if it was able to do a whole bunch of things? Designers are moving toward making furniture that can be an all in one solution. There are couches that morph into a sitting room set, a coffee table that turns into a desk, or a chair that’s also a library. Not only will your home feel updated and new by focusing on some of these pieces, but you get to take an awesome new piece with you to your next house! Or leave it for the buyers if you’re feeling generous.

Make your Bathroom a Living Space



According to HGTV, buyers are looking for the bathroom to become more of a living space. They want a powder room instead of just a bathroom. You can easily give that to them by adding an updated vanity, a statement mirror or beautiful lighting. You can stage the bathroom with sitting chairs – picture a comfortable place to get ready in the morning, without having to move back to the bedroom. A place to hang clothes for the day, a bench to sit on, storage for a few pairs of shoes, and you’re on your way to making the bathroom a living space.

All things Geometric


And finally, geometric patterns. These design trends are everywhere: on the walls, in décor, on lamps … they’ve even moved into office supplies. Take advantage of this by adding a geometric wallpaper accent wall, and pairing it with neutral hues and geometric décor pieces. This will show your home is on trend and fashionable.

Done with staging? Make sure to purchase a home warranty while you list your house for sale. A Landmark Home Warranty gives you free listing coverage – the home warranty plan covers up to $1,500 in repairs and replacements for free while the home is on the market. It can easily be updated to a full home warranty for the buyer to sweeten the price of the home. Learn more about what plans and pricing Landmark offers by comparing them here.


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