Did you know Realtors® spend more than half a billion dollars every year on closing gifts for their clients?  Talk about generosity!  While it’s no secret gratitude goes a long way in building client relationships, it’s clear Realtors® truly understand this valuable marketing principle. 

How to turn your gift of appreciation into a tax-deductible expense


By attaching your contact information to your closing gift, you can deduct your gift as an advertising expense (IRS Advertising Tax Deductions, 43). With something as simple as a business card sticker, your closing gift of a family sign, bottle of wine, knife set, or Landmark re-key certificate not only becomes a token of appreciation, it also allows you take advantage of a savvy business practice.  

Landmark is now offering business card stickers to our Realtor Partners

To show our appreciation to our Real Estate Partners, we are offering to print your business card as a sticker. Due to our volume printing, we can print your business card stickers for up to 60% below retail, and are offering these 2” x 3.5” stickers at our cost. 

• 500 stickers for $40
• 1,000 stickers for $45
• 2500 stickers for $65

That’s a substantially lower rate than you will find anywhere else!  Not to mention, business card stickers can serve hundreds of other uses for your personal branding needs. 


Please give me your feedback

I sincerely hope this offer is helpful to you and your business.  Please leave a comment below if there are any other advertising/marketing products (co-branded or otherwise) that Landmark can offer to you.  Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Katherine Robinson, Marketing Director
Landmark Home Warranty

Disclaimer: I am not a tax attorney or accountant. If you have tax questions, please refer to your tax attorney, accountant, and/or the IRS link below.  

Advertising Tax Deductions (listed under “Miscellaneous Expense” page 43)

12005 National Association of REALTORS® Study


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