A Home Warranty can Save Thanksgiving Dinner

A Home Warranty can Save Thanksgiving Dinner

Today is Thanksgiving, and here at Landmark Home Warranty we are excited to tuck into the delicious dinner that was prepared –  wait, what? Your oven is broken so you can’t make Thanksgiving dinner? Oh, sure you can! Let’s go through the menu and figure out what you can still make.  


 Ah, yes. The turkey. It’s the main dish at Thanksgiving, and it should be cooked, well … in the oven. Not to worry, though! You can cook a turkey in a deep fryer, a BBQ or even in your slow cooker.

Yeah. Right.

 OK, well maybe not all is lost in your oven-less cooking adventure just yet. Your turkey might not be on the table, but perhaps your amazing side dishes can make up for it!


Stuffing … That glorious amount of bread, vegetables and delicious broth that gets its name from being stuffed inside of the turkey and then baked. Actually, now that we think about it, stuffing is kind of a weird side-dish … not to mention the fact that you can’t cook it if your oven is broken.

No worries … I just decided I didn’t want it anyway.

Once again, you could always try to cook it inside your turkey in a deep fryer, or maybe even in your slow cooker, but it’s probably not going to be the same. Maybe some of the other side dishes will work out!



Oh that delicious combination of green beans and cream of mushroom soup topped with onions. The green bean casserole is truly the epitome of a pour and bake side-dish, which is probably why you always end up telling your cousin George (who is 37, lives in his parent's basement and works at McDonalds to pay the bills) to make it. It’s fool-proof, except for last year when he put Funions on it, forgot to cook the green beans, and instead just microwaved the whole thing.

He said he was "too busy."

Not that this year is going to be any better, because how are you supposed to cook your green bean casserole without an oven? Your dinner would probably be better off with George’s lukewarm and crunchy green bean version.



Perhaps the easiest food to make at Thanksgiving  -- rolls -- can make up for the rest of the dinner lacking. Because who doesn’t love rolls? You can make the dough fresh, or you can just buy the bake and serve rolls from the grocer. Either way, pulling warm rolls out of the oven, putting butter on them and eating them is a delicious way to spend Thanksgiving dinner –.

Oh, right … we forgot. We’re sorry. So maybe rolls are completely out of the question for Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe dessert can make up for the lack of food at this dinner.



 Yum! Pies are a central part of all Thanksgiving dinners, and the pie that is the most famous of all of them is pumpkin. Whether you use pumpkin from a can or roast the whole pumpkin and make it from scratch, it is a delicious ending to a delicious dinner.  The only problem, though, is all  traditional pumpkin pies need to be baked. So, what do we have left? Mashed potatoes (sans gravy,) and a salad. And maybe that whipped cream you had ready for the pumpkin pie.  And a lot of sadness.

With all the family involved, tears are an important part of most Thanksgiving Dinners, though, right?

But don’t worry! If you have a home warranty from Landmark Home Warranty, you’re in luck. You don’t need to worry about how to cook Thanksgiving dinner without an oven. With our home warranties, ovens are covered, so you don’t have to stress and panic if your oven goes out. As long as it has been properly maintained, all you have to do is call Landmark Home Warranty and explain the problem. We will send out one of our trusted and bonded contractors to fix or replace your oven for a flat rate fee of $60. Then, you can make every single one of these foods, and not have to worry about trying to cook your turkey in your gas grill outside.

If you are interested in learning more about our home warranty plans, or what is covered by home warranties, you can go to www.Landmarkhw.com.


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