This Halloween, Treat Yourself to a Landmark Hallo-Warranty

This Halloween, Treat Yourself to a Landmark Hallo-Warranty

Landmark HalloWarranty

It’s hard being a ghost, ghoul, or goblin these days. Half of the time people end up talking about how you don’t exist or you’re not real. It’s hard to get decent food service let alone take care of your home… until now! Introducing, the Landmark Hallo-Warranty. We’re the only home warranty company that covers supernatural households, just like yours! We’ll make sure your house is happy, haunted, and protected from failed systems and appliances. Check out some of our great coverage that we can provide for you below!

Don’t Let Blood Go Bad! Protect Your Fridge with a Hallo-Warranty

We'll make your blood run cold in no time

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You know what sucks? Well you, if you’re a vampire. When your blood goes bad because your fridge breaks down, that’s also not ideal! Refrigeration provides amazing benefits for vampire kind. No longer do you have to finish a meal right away because you can store leftovers in your fridge for later. When your fridge fails, don’t fret about your food spoiling! Just call Landmark Hallo-Warranty. For a service call fee we’ll get your fridge up and turning your blood to ice in no time.

Protect Your Furnace with a Hallo-Warranty

We'll bring your furnace back from the dead

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All right, zombies. It’s already cold being a member of the undead. When your furnace goes out, it can be almost unbearable! Keep your dead limbs ready for the slow march for brains by protecting your furnace with a hallo-warranty! If your furnace fails from normal wear and tear, one of our certified ghoulishly fast contractors can bring it back from the dead.

Also, don’t forget to get a furnace tune-up! You may be a reanimated corpse, but you know how important it is to maintain your systems and appliances in your home.

Protect Your Electric System with a Hallo-Warranty

Frankly you'll be shocked

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OK, Dr. Frankenstein. We know how important it is you have electricity running down into your lab every night. It’s so much easier to bring life into your monstrous creations with the right amount of current! And although we might not cover the damage caused by your hideous monsters, a hallo-warranty can help you cover your electrical system! If it fails, we’ll repair or replace it for a small Screaming Cry Fee!

Protect Your Stove with a Hallo-Warranty

Boil Boil without Toil or Trouble

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Ear of newt, wing of bat, boil, boi-
Wait. No boiling?

No heat?

Who’s ever heard of a cold witches brew?

Nobody, that’s who.

And with a hallo-warranty, they won’t have to! Your stovetop or range is covered! You can enjoy modern appliances and cooking inside (so much easier than boiling a cauldron on a pile of burning wood! One word: stability!) without giving up the wicked brews. If your stove or range does fail, you’ll just have to call us at Landmark Hallo-Warranty and get it repaired or replaced for a small Screaming Cry Fee!

Protect Your Pipes with a Landmark Hallo-Warranty

You'll love our howlingly great service 

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When it’s that time of the month, werewolf bathrooms can be an absolute disaster! Fur … everywhere! Werewolf mom and dads get sick of constantly having to clean out the clogged pipes after every shower. If this sounds like something you struggle with, perk those ears up! A hallo-warranty covers your plumbing system. As long as you’re maintaining it, if you need to have a leak repaired or a line snaked, that’s covered with a hallo-warranty!

We cover all of this and so much more! Make sure to check out our Plans and Pricing page on our website to get a free personalized quote for your haunted house.

Landmark Home Warranty does not actually service homes that have brain-eating zombies, blood-sucking vampires, Frankenstein OR Frankenstein’s monster, brew making witches or hairball shedding werewolves. However, we do cover your heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing system, as well as many of your home’s main appliances! If something fails from normal wear and tear, you can pay a small service call fee, and one of our contractors will repair or replace it! Most service call fees range between $60-$100. If you want to protect your home, haunted or not, and not have to deal with spooky home repair prices, get a Landmark home warranty today!


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