Unique Gifts for New Homeowners

Unique Gifts for New Homeowners

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If you have new homeowners on your holiday gift list this year, we are here to help you pick out the perfect gift with our gift guides. 

practical gift button Our last gift guide was about practical gifts new homeowners are sure to use time and time againIf you’re more of a unique gift giver, this article is for you! You’re the type of gift giver that knows new homeowners are going to get all sorts of welcome mats and bottles of wine – you want something they’ll actually use and will stick out as being an incredible gift. Not to fear, Landmark Home Warranty has you covered! Here are a bunch of quality, quirky gifts for the new homeowners.

Guide to the Neighborhood Kit

Guide to the Neighborhood Gift for New Homeowner

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Have your new homeowners moved somewhere that’s completely new? If you’re familiar with the area, making a Guide to the Neighborhood Kit is perfect for them! This is more of a DIY project that you can make for the new homeowners, which can make it extra special. Consider putting maps of metro areas and roads, and recommendations for your favorite places around town to shop and eat. If you know the new homeowners like to order takeout, you could top it all off with a Take Out Menu Book. Everyone gets cookbooks for the holidays, but what if the new homeowners don’t feel like cooking? Leave the book blank or include some of your favorite nearby places that offer take out.

New Room in a Basket

Gift Guide Room in a Basket

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One thing new homeowners tend to do right after buying a new home is to try and fill all the empty spaces with furniture and buy decorations. Most of the time they are moving into a space that’s much larger than where they were previously living, and don’t have enough décor to fill the new rooms. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Builders, new homeowners spend $3,126 on new furniture their first year of owning a home. They’ve probably just put a lot of life savings into the down payment of that house, and spending thousands of dollars on furniture isn’t something they’ll be able to do with a huge mortgage payment for the next 30 or so years. That’s where you come in, with a new room in a basket. Go to your favorite décor store and pick out matching decorations for a new room. Curtains, throws, pillows, rugs and a few pieces of art to hang on the wall that all match will be greatly appreciated. If you’ve picked out items that aren’t the new homeowner’s style, not to worry! Include a gift receipt with instructions for them to pick out new items that fit their home’s look.

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Unique Plants

Most gift-givers remember when they first moved into a new place (with a yard) and how it was nice to have fresh plants to make the abode feel like home. The problem is that it’s a staple to buy a potted plant or flowers for a homeowner … but perhaps not in the middle of winter. You can take a twist on gifting plants and give something unique that requires minimal effort – or sunshine during the winter months, like a terrarium. Terrariums with succulents are becoming more and more popular – most likely because they don’t require a lot of upkeep and provide a fresh pop of color. There are hundreds of options for terrariums or aeriums that can help make your new homeowners feel at home.

If you’d rather gift something the homeowners can use in their new yard, this adorable bag of soil and seeds is a DIY apple tree ready to be planted! It’s a creative way to help new homeowners start their garden with something that can be planted indoors during the winter months. Most homeowners have never had a yard before, so a tree that they grow is a thoughtful gift.


If your homeowners celebrate Christmas, consider buying them an ornament for their tree to commemorate the occasion of moving into a new home. Something complete with a picture of their home and the year they purchased it can be a special memento. Many artists are willing to paint homes on ornaments, and you can find one that is customizable.

Home Portrait

If you want to give the new homeowners something that they can hang up on their bare walls, but also want it to be customizable, a custom house portrait might be just the thing to get. Many homeowners need more art, and this commemorates their new home as well as their move.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone gets cleaning supplies when they first move into a new place. Instead, get them something truly quirky and unique: a robot vacuum cleaner! There are many different variations on this type of vacuum cleaner going for all types of prices. This gift will truly stand out.

Home Owner’s Manual

Renters don’t generally have to worry about maintenance of their appliances or systems. When they break down, they call the property manager and it’s taken repaired or replaced. When buying a home it suddenly becomes the homeowner’s responsibility for any and all breakdowns. That’s why it’s a good idea to get this tongue-in-cheek book The Home Owner’s Manual. It provides helpful insight for repairing and maintaining the parts of a home a renter may have never had to worry about before.

Home Warranty

Of course, when something does break down in the home (which most, if not all systems and appliances will do at some point) protect the new homeowners with a gift of a home warranty for the holidays. A home warranty costs around $40/a month and is the gift that gives all year round. No matter when a system or appliance fails from normal wear and tear with a home warranty it will be repaired or replaced for $60. A home warranty is a great gift for new homeowners who can rely on the trusted and bonded contractors to help fix and replace things like their furnace, air conditioner, oven, electrical and plumbing system and more. You can learn more about what a home warranty is or compare plans and pricing here.

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